Name: Keith Dunlap
Position on Board: Chair
Qualifications: Bachelor of Science, Business Administration (Accounting Major) from California State University, Long Beach (1976)
Joined BWA Board: Member since 2007

Keith was born in California, USA and immigrated to Australia with his wife in 1986.

Keith was an SBL player for Perry Lakes Hawks from 1986-1993 and served on the Perry Lakes Hawks Board from 1987 to 1995 as Treasurer, SBL Director and President. Keith also served as an SBL commissioner from 1990 to 1995. Keith resided in Melbourne from 1995 through 1999 for business purposes before returning permanently to Perth.

Since being appointed to fill a casual vacancy on the Basketball WA Board in March 2007, Keith has provided accounting and financial expertise at both a Board and management level for Basketball WA.

Keith’s other interests outside Basketball include travel, AFL, music, softball and spending time with family. Keith is a life member of the Posse Softball Club, and continues to play basketball in the Basketball WA domestic competition and at the Australian Masters Games.

Name: Jennifer Riatti
Position on Board: Vice Chair
Joined BWA Board: 2016


Name: Sandra Riches
Position on Board: Director
Joined BWA Board: 2019


Name: Cassandra Wright
Position on Board: Director
Joined BWA Board: 2020


Name: Phil Nixon
Position on Board: Director
Joined BWA Board: 2021


Name: Steve Bezant
Position on Board: Director
Joined BWA Board: 2021