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Coach Development Opportunities

Luck with interstate visits, coaches willingly wanting to help and a desire to offer opportunites for coaches are the key driving forces in what has already been a busy period in coach development.

This is how Education and Taining Officer Vlad Alava summarised the busy period of presentations, clinics and courses over the last few months.

With coaches like National team supremos Brett Brown and Carrie Graf, Perth’s own Rob Beveridge, Victorian legend Owen Hughan and Western Force Head Coach John Mitchell all conducting various coaching opportunities in the last few months, it has indeed been peak period at the BWA offices.

"We’ve been very fortunate that the coaches have been gracious with their time in the requests that I have put in so far. They come in and conduct clinics and it’s of course at their own time. So for that we are grateful. I’m also the first to admit that we have been lucky with events that have occurred that have allowed for coaches to be at our doorstep that normally wouldn’t happen, like it did with Coach Brown and Coach Graf."

"But the coach participants too have to be acknowledged, these opportunities present themselves but they have to get motivated in coming. At the end of the day, it’s about coaches helping themselves, we should always be striving to learn and become better. At BWA, we try to provide opportunities where this can occur."

Alava acknowledged the importance of not only informal coach development such as clinics and presentations, but also completing courses that are formally and nationally recognised. These courses are conducted by BWA and receive Basketball Australia and Australian Sports Commission recognition.

With courses aimed at every level of coach from domestic local competition to those aspiring to be involved in State and National teams, there are courses available to suit the level of development any coach seeks.

BWA encourages interested people to send an Expression of Interest for courses they wish to participate by sending an email to

There is also membership to the BWA Coaches Club, an exclusive group with various benefits including invitations to coach presentations, access to the BWA Resource library amongst a whole host of other benefits. For more information please click here.

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