SBL Wheelchair League Round 2 Recap – MANDURAH

SBL Wheelchair League Round 2 Recap – MANDURAH

On Saturday night, the Wheelchair League ventured down to Mandurah for the second round, after a successful round 1 in Cockburn.
Joondalup Wolves 47 – Cockburn Cougars 61
Top spot was on the line as the 2 victors from Round 1- Joondalup and Cockburn, squared off against each other. Both teams were boosted by the arrival of former Australian teammates Michael Hartnett (1.0, Wolves) and Brad Ness (4.5, Cougars). Setting the tone earlier, Joondalup decided on a full-court press to challenge the Cougars, managing to keep their nose in front, but the agility of Andrew Dewberry (3.0) out of the backcourt and some great rebounding from the WSBL Cougars- Tilly and Zoe, spread the ball around to keep their score ticking over.
Shaun Norris (3.0) then took it up a notch knocking down some clutch 3’s and managing to weave through the Cougars defence in the second half. The Wolves low-pointers lead by Michael Hartnett, were then able to find some decent open mid-range opportunities, but the height of Brad Ness on the mismatches and the spread of scoring across the team, allowed Cockburn to run out winners 61-47.
East Perth Eagles 63 – Mandurah Magic 84
Game 2 was almost a battle of young and old, with the seasoned core of Mandurah team of Rob Pike, Phil Turner, Nick Radovich and Natalie Alexander up against the young guns from Mirrabooka lead by Thomas McHugh, Joel Herbert, Mary Friday and rounded off by the sleeper of Round 1- Drew Williamson.
Mandurah lead from the start with Nick Radovich (3.5) firing up and showing why his resumé includes junior state and national representative honours. He was covered exceptionally well by Rob Pike’s (4.0) outside shooting, Phil Turner’s (4.0) inside presence and Natalie Alexander’s (2.5) composure on the offensive rotation. After the first quarter though, Thomas McHugh (4.5) decided to take the initiative with bridging the gap, whilst Friday (1.0) and Herbert (1.5) never relented with the defensive hustle and working to seal the big man in the paint.
By the back end of the game though, the firepower of the Magic was too much for the young group and Mandurah rolled out winners 84-63.
Thank you to all those who game down on Saturday and special mention to Rod Hislop for his work and support with ensuring the league felt welcomed to Mandurah Basketball Association.
ROUND 3 takes us to Mirrabooka for East Perth’s first home round. The venue holds a special place for many who have been involved with Wheelchair Sports in WA over the years and we thank the Eagles and Tim Symons for being involved in this League, to build on that history.
Thursday 19th September
Herb Graham Rec Centre, 38 Ashbury Cres MIRRABOOKA
6:30pm – Joondalup Wolves vs Mandurah Magic
8:00pm – East Perth Eagles vs Cockburn Cougars

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