New Refbook Customer

How do I sign up?

    • BWA has already reached out to your association to obtain your organisation’s primary administrator contact details. These details will be used by Refbook to create an account for your association. You will be notified by email when your account is ready including initial login details.


Should I be using Refbook for my association?

    • Yes, BWA asks all Western Australian basketball associations to utilise Refbook for day-day referee management. This has proven to increase the efficiency of officiating operations and is designed to free-up time and headspace to focus on other tasks.


How will we get training?

    • BWA and Refbook will be conducting a series of online group training webinars as part of a state-wide rollout commencing November 2022. Please be on the lookout for these invitations.


What should I do if I require additional training for my association?

    • Refbook has optional support packages that your association can purchase for direct 1-1 training and ongoing assistance. More information on these packages is available at Please contact Daniel Coffey for further information or to arrange purchase.