Officials Membership Registration – Instructions



Officials Membership Registration Instructions

Refbook is a multi-organisation platform, which allows for users to belong as memberships of multiple organisations, as such each organisation can invite and manage their membership accordingly.

Accessing your current refbook membership list

Your refbook organisation’s membership list is located within Organisation / Membership





Obtaining your membership template

Within your membership, there is can available a membership template to download for population.

  • Once you have downloaded these xlsx template, please populate.
  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Email (each email must be unique)
  • either matching the members existing refbook user account or should they not have a current account a new account with this email will be created on their behalf
  • Mobile (this column is required, however does not need to have a value populated)
  • Member Type – Full
  • Status – Active




What do you with this information?

Once this information has been completed within the template, you are able to upload a saved copy of this information to your refbook organisation.

You can do this via the upload button on the Organisation / Membership screen.



Please note by uploading a record from the template, this will distribute an invite to the email address, this will advise the user they have been invited as member of your relevant refbook organisation.