RefBook – FAQs

What is Refbook?

  • Refbook is an Australian-based technology company specialising in online sport officials management (SOM). Refbook provides digital solutions that save time, improve accuracy, and increase data insights related to administration of referees and other technical officials.


What are the benefits

    • Refbook will allow your association to manage day-to-day operational tasks such as referee availability, contact details, assignments, payment calculations, and paperwork easier and quicker than traditional methods. The specialist SOM technology has been designed with a deep understanding of the challenges faced at local sport. Refbook is constantly improving functionality and integrations that unlock the ability for officiating coordinators and volunteers to improve their internal efficiency.


Why have BWA and Refbook partnered?

    • This is part of BWA’s deeper strategy for improving the way officials are tracked and managed across the state. All associations will be digitally connected to BWA and will facilitate more secure ways of sharing personal data, governing qualifications and providing greater clarity on the true officiating numbers across Western Australian basketball. BWA also sees the benefits that Refbook can have on relieving local associations with some of the administration challenges faced with referee management across their competitions.


Can I manage and assign other officiating roles?

    • Yes, you will be able to manage all technical officials including referees, referee coaches, instructors, scoretable, statisticians and other roles within a game’s officiating crew. Refbook is also building a comprehensive venue staffing module which will facilitate shift/venue supervision and mentor rostering.


When will I receive my Refbook account?

    • BWA has selected an appropriate licence for your association according to common characteristics related to organisation size. Organisations who are receiving an assigning licence will be issued as follows:
      • Existing Refbook customers: your existing account will remain
      • New to Refbook: an account will be issued prior to training commencing
      • Very small associations will receive a special, non-assigning licence which will be issued January 1, 2023.


What is the cost?

      • BWA has procured a licence fee on behalf of each affiliated association, and will be working through the details regarding cost.


Does Refbook link with PlayHQ?

      • The API integration between PlayHQ and Refbook is in the final stages of optimisation before public release. This will allow your association’s game schedule (fixture) to automatically appear inside Refbook, ready for assigning. More details on using the integration will be provided to your association during the training.
      • In the meantime, game schedules can be ingested into Refbook using a bulk upload. Details on this process are found in the Knowledge Base and will be covered during training.