2017 Redback Classic Cancelled
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2017 Redback Classic Cancelled

Perth Basketball Association regrets to announce that the REDBACK CLASSIC will be cancelled for 2017. The Classic was to be held at Warwick Stadium on the 15th and 16th of April 2017.

The Redback Classic has been traditionally run on the last weekend before WABL and has been a key part of the basketball calendar in Perth for 34 years.

The Redback Classic Committee lead by Ron Romero, our Board and Staff have all been working for many months to overcome the challenges we have faced this year around the timing of the 2017 REDBACK CLASSIC.

With Easter in 2017 being later and also falling in the middle of school holidays, combined with the changes to the 2017 WABL calendar, the PBA were left with limited scheduling opportunity and court availability outside of this Easter Weekend.

We understand many of you will share our disappointment, but we now look forward to the 2018 REDBACK CLASSIC which is currently scheduled for the 28th & 29th April next year (a month after Easter).

We would like to thank the Metro and Country associations for their support of this event.

All monies already deposited will be refunded as soon as possible.

For all enquiries please contact

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