Active After School Communities – Get your club involved!
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Active After School Communities – Get your club involved!

The Australian Government’s Active After-school Communities (AASC) program is a national initiative that provides primary school children with access to free sport and other structured physical activity programs in the after-school time slot of 3.00pm to 5.30pm. Over 190 000 children participate in the AASC program around Australia each term.

By providing children with a positive introduction to sport in a fun, safe and inclusive environment, the AASC program is helping to build the foundation needed for children to naturally and confidently progress into local club sport.

The cornerstone of AASC is the involvement of the local community in the delivery of the program. By working together, sporting clubs can gain access to free coach training and grants, and can attract new members and volunteers through valuable exposure amongst young children and their parents.

More information on the AASC program is available online:

·          Visit the AASC website

·         AASC Local Clubs fact sheet

·         Contact the AASC program

·         Becoming a Community Coach

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