Basketball Australia High Performance Review
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Basketball Australia High Performance Review

Basketball Australia is undertaking a review of High Performance in Australia and is seeking submissions from Stakeholders and interested parties.

To guide submissions, the Terms of Reference can be found here. In planning and presenting submissions, we are seeking quality over quantity. Submissions should be submitted electronically in written format.

We have agreed to a tight timeline for this Review, which means that we are seeking submissions to be submitted by midnight on Monday, 26 October, 2015.

Submission details:

Please email submissions to:

Jaele Patrick
Administration Coordinator, Basketball Australia


Submissions should be submitted by midnight on Monday 26 October, 2015.

Thanks in anticipation of your contribution. If you wish to discuss your submission or any matter relating to the Review, you are welcome to contact me as follows:

Ned Coten
Mobile: 0433 136 832

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