Five-Day Lockdown – BWA Activities & Bendat Basketball Centre
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Five-Day Lockdown – BWA Activities & Bendat Basketball Centre











Country Championships Participants

What a great weekend for all here at Bendat Stadium but a somewhat surreal ending.

We have spoken with Department of Premier and Cabinet and Department of Health and they have confirmed that all participants will be allowed to return home pending proof that your place of residence is in the region you are returning to.

It is likely that checkpoints will be set up on eth major roads at some point this evening.

Participants who have been at the Championships will NOT have to isolate when they return unless they been to one of the below listed places:

  • Coles Maylands: January 25, between 8pm and 10pm.
  • KFC Maylands: January 27, from 6pm to midnight.
  • Mitsubishi Motors car dealership Midland: January 27, from 7pm to close.
  • Spud Shed, Coventry Village, Morley: January 27 from 8pm to midnight.
  • ECU Joondalup: January 28, from 11am to 2pm.
  • The Consulate general of India on St Georges Terrace, Perth: January 28, from 12pm to 5pm.
  • Halal Grocery Store, Cloverdale: January 28, from 7pm to 9pm.
  • Venus Ladies and Gentlemen Hair Design, Maylands: January 29, from 1pm to 3pm
  • Perth Convention Centre: January 29, from 4pm to 6pm
  • Nedlands family practice GP surgery: January 29, from 5pm to 6pm
  • Chemist Warehouse, North Perth pharmacy: January 29 from 5.30pm to 7.30pm
  • 7-Eleven Ascot Petrol Station: January 29, from 8pm to 9pm.
  • Coles Maylands supermarket: January 29, from 8pm until 9pm
  • Puma Service Station, Burswood: January 30, from 11am until 12noon.
  • Coles Express Shell Service Station, Cloverdale: January 30, from 12pm until 3pm.
  • Pharmacy 777 at Maylands Park shopping centre: January 30, from 2.30pm to 4pm.


If you have been at one of these places you will need to isolate yourself until you have been COVID tested and received a negative notice.

Of course if you are returning to your home in the Peel or South West you will be subject to the same rules as everyone else which include the following:

  • People in lockdown areas must stay home — unless shopping for essentials such as groceries, medicine and necessary supplies; or attending to medical or healthcare needs
  • Only go to work if you are essential to your business.
  • People can only cross state regions if you are returning to your residence.
  • Masks must be worn outside, inside at work, and on public transport.
  • Exercise permitted within your neighbourhood —- but only with one other person and only for one hour per day
  • Schools will not open on Monday – meaning the new school year pushed back by a week
  • Premier Mark McGowan has urged a stop to any interstate travel into Western Australia as an extra precautionary measure.


It’s important you wear a mask as it is now mandatory at all times you are outside your house. If you are in the car by yourself you do not need to wear it, but must at all other times. Click below on how to wear a mask.







A decision on future weeks of the Championships will be made in the next 24 hours and all Country Associations will be notified. As always we will follow government advice.

Basketball in the Perth Metropolitan, Peel and South West

As of 6pm tonight, basketball is not an allowed activity in these 3 regions of Western Australia until 6pm Friday 5th February.

All basketball stadiums will be closed and all Associations should ensure that teams are not training or playing in groups at all.

Basketball in the rest of the State

Basketball in the Mid-West, Goldfields, Great Southern, Pilbara, Gascoyne, Wheatbelt and Kimberley can continue as normal for the current time.


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