Ivor Burge Teams Return to WA
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Ivor Burge Teams Return to WA

Basketball WA is pleased to announce the return of Western Australian teams to competition at the Australian Ivor Burge Championships.


Congratulations to the following players who have been selected in our Ivor Burge Men’s and Women’s teams that will be competing at the 2012 Ivor Burge Championships in Belconnen, ACT from 1925 February.


5. Geoff Stewart (Captain) (Kalamunda)

8. Steven Allan (Vice Captain) (Wanneroo)

13. Ilyaas Abdul Raman (Perth Hills)

11. Nathan Ball (Basketball WA)

15. Chris Bell (Perth Hills)

4. Raymond Edge (ROADS)

7. Joshua Gilbert (Swan Friendship Group)

9. Shannon McKinley (Perth Hills)

10. Gal Rose (Special Olympics)

14. David Rulyancich (Perth Hills)

Callum Butler (Perth Hills)

Ryan Hill (Perth Hills)

Kevin Phillips (Special Olympics)

Ryan White-Dunn (Perth Hills)

Team Officials
David Maxwell (Head Coach)
Richard Orr (Team Manager)

7. Verity Barrow (Special Olympics)

15. Anne-Marie Foster (ROADS)

12. Karla Hegan (Perth Hills)

4. Kristy Marsiglia (Special Olympics)

6. Cherie Messenger (ROADS)

9. Ashleigh Mulligan (ROADS)

8. Laura O’Malley (Special Olympics)

13. Kellee Thomas (Special Olympics)

14. Amanda Webb (Special Olympics)

Coaching Staff
Lauren Bell (Head Coach)
Christine Saligari (Assistant Coach)
Jonathan Foster (Team Manager)

We wish both teams the best of luck at the Championships.

To follow our teams during the tournament, log on to the official Australian Junior Championships website at

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