NBL Technical Officials Applications
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NBL Technical Officials Applications

The National Basketball League has reviewed the structure and operation of game day technical officials as part of the annual NBL end of season review process and as a result will bring the complete technical officiating program under the full control of the NBL head office.

The change will mean that appointment, rosters, training and payment will all be facilitated by the NBL. This will affect all score table, statisticians and match day managers.

Over the next few weeks a score table adviser and statistician adviser will be appointed and a program will be established for training, performance issues and rostering.

The NBL will appoint 2 people to each role for each venue, i.e. 2 time keepers, 2 shot clock operators, 2 chair people, 2 head statisticians etc.

Each person nominating for a position will be required to be available for 90% of the season (ie, all except a maximum of 2 games).

Technical Officials hold a key position in ensuring the quality and success of the league. Appointing two people per role will ensure that each individual is concentrating on one responsibility throughout the entire season and as such we should expect a reduction in human error through specialisation and individual expertise.

Selection Process

All Level 3 (currently enrolled in L3 course is acceptable) score table officials and Level 2 statisticians will be eligible to apply. After nominations have closed, I will select the panel using guidance from the appointed advisers. Applicants will be notified via email after decisions have been made.

All applicants will be given an opportunity to provide qualification levels, past experience and any other information they believe makes them the right people to appoint.

The NBL will appoint the positions as per guidelines and requirements.

How to Apply

All nominations must be completed by Friday 22nd July 2016.

Selections will be announced by Friday 29th July 2016.

Click HERE to apply.

Please submit any enquiries to Sean Gottliebsen,Technical Officiating & Game Day Operations Manager at:

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