State Championships breaks records
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State Championships breaks records

The 2012 Smarter than Smoking BWA State Championships finished last weekend with a record number of teams nominated for the three weekends of competition.

For the second time in three years, the popular tournament received record nominations. This year 242 teams from Under 11 to Under 19 age groups participated, surpassing the previous high of 230 set in 2010.

In the past five years the competition has grown from 178 teams with Basketball WA fostering growth in both regional and metropolitan nominations thanks to hardworking association volunteers.

2,260 players participated in the event, highlighting the popularity of tournament play and junior representative basketball in Western Australia. In addition, 448 coaches, managers and referees were also involved.

In total 616 games were played over the three weekends with all offered age group and divisions receiving enough nominations to go ahead for the third straight year.

Basketball WA would like to acknowledge the massive effort from players, coaches, club administrators and referees to commit to the three weekends at such a busy time of the year.

Regional participation also grew from 32 teams in 2011 to 35 teams in 2012. This year teams came from Basketball South West, Bunbury, Australind, Geraldton, Eaton, Broome, Pinjarra, Bullsbrook, Albany and Northam. In addition to this several country state and country cup teams participated over the three weekends.

BWA would like to thank those dedicated families and volunteers for committing to the only combined metro/country tournament.

The Grand Final winners and Grand Final MVP award recipients are listed below.

Under 11 Men Championship
Willetton 36 def. Perry Lakes 26
Grand Final MVP: Roosevelt Williams Jr (Willetton)
Referees:Mikayla Grida & Jayden Ellisarow

Under 11 Men Second Division
Willetton 1 33 def. Eaton 29
Grand Final MVP: Oscar Hitchcock (Willetton 1)
Referees:Rebecca Allen & Jack Leonard

Under 11 Women Championship
Wanneroo 15 def. Perry Lakes 14
Grand Final MVP: Olivia Basso (Wanneroo)
Referees: Zac Bosnakis & Caitlin Rowes

Under 11 Women Second Division
East Perth 27 def. Perry Lakes 12
Grand Final MVP: Maddison Alone (East Perth)
Referees:Keelie O’Brien & Daniel Brown

Under 12 Men Championship Willetton 48 def. Wanneroo 15
Grand Final MVP: Bailey Tucek (Willetton)
Referees:Carla Vidovic & Matt Ticehurst

Under 12 Men Second Division
Perth 28 def. Willetton 19
Grand Final MVP: Luke Schonemann (Perth)
Referees:Sam Coten & Ben Smithers

Under 12 Women Championship
Rockingham 19 def. Kalamunda 17
Grand Final MVP: Phoenix Mitchell (Rockingham)
Referees:Zac Elisarow & Carmello Citrigno

Under 12 Women Second Division
Australind 40 def. Willetton 20
Grand Final MVP: Jasmine Barrett (Australind)
Referees:Adam Meyer & Paige Vincent

Under 13 Men Championship
Perth 30 def. Rockingham 19
Grand Final MVP: Jordan Herbert (Perth)
Referees:Aaron Easther & Dean Payne

Under 13 Men Second Division
Perry Lakes 1 43 def. Willetton 28
Grand Final MVP: Aiden Carlton (Perry Lakes 1)
Referees: Carla Vidovich & Matt Allen

Under 13 Women Championship
Perry Lakes 23 def. Willetton 19
Grand Final MVP: Renae Robertson (Perry Lakes)
Referees:Tanya Woolard & Adam Meyer

Under 13 Women Second Division
Perry Lakes 2 25 def. Willetton 18
Grand Final MVP: Siteri Rasova (Perry Lakes 2)
Referees:Cooper Lowe & Luke Doe

Under 14 Men Championship
Lakeside 29 def. Stirling 19
Grand Final MVP: Matthew Schultze (Lakeside)
Referees:Zac Bosnakis & Ben Smithers

Under 14 Men Second Division
Wanneroo Green 30 def. Perry Lakes 2 12
Grand Final MVP: Oscar Allen (Wanneroo Green)
Referees:Nem Zivanovic & Ryan Morgan

Under 14 Women Championship
Rockingham 42 def. Willetton 32
Grand Final MVP: Blaire Watson (Willetton)
Referees:Tabitha Hile & Nem Zivanovic

Under 14 Women Second Division
Willetton 36 def Australind 13
Grand Final MVP: Georgia Knox (Willetton)
Referees:Jayden Elisarow & Ben Smithers

Under 15 Men Championship
Willetton 50 def. Wanneroo 26
Grand Final MVP: Corey Davis (Willetton)
Referees:Sean Conguista & Scott Campbell

Under 15 Men Second Division
Australind 22 def. Albany 20
Grand Final MVP: Joshua O’Day (Australind)
Referees:Matt Allen & Ben Hay

Under 15 Women Championship
Willetton 34 def. Wanneroo 29
Grand Final MVP: Ruby Schleicher (Willetton)
Referees:Tanya Woolard & Luke Doe

Under 15 Women Second Division
Perth 30 def. East Perth 28
Grand Final MVP: Shaniah Alone (East Perth)
Referees:Aaron Wiggins & Sarah Sciarrone

Under 17 Men Championship
Rockingham 40 def. Willetton 27
Grand Final MVP: Dadi Pal (Rockingham)
Referees:Michael Romero & Scott Campbell

Under 17 Men Second Division
Wanneroo 42 def. Perry Lakes 23
Grand Final MVP: Kane Trenouth (Wanneroo)
Referees: Ben Hay & Tanya Woolard

Under 17 Women Championship
Lakeside 27 def. Wanneroo 24
Grand Final MVP: Tiffany Keays (Lakeside)
Referees:Ben Newton & Sarah Sciarrone

Under 17 Women Second Division
Wanneroo 24 def. Pinjarra 19
Grand Final MVP: Jessica Spedding (Wanneroo)
Referees: Adam Meyer & Rodriguo Lacanna

Under 19 Men Championship
Lakeside 33 def. Wanneroo 30
Grand Final MVP: Keanu Pinder (Lakeside)
Referees: Josh Bruinsma & Morgan Hughes

Under 19 Women Championship
Perry Lakes 30 def. Willetton 22
Grand Final MVP: Anika Renkema (Perry Lakes
Referees:Phillip Papakostas & Leif Claridge

Congratulations to all teams who competed over the three weekends. Basketball WA would like to wish everyone a happy and safe Christmas & New Year period.

If you haven’t checked out your photos from the three weekends, make sure you head to to view photos from all three weekends. 

Baskeball WA would like to hear what you have to say about the tournament. If you have a few minutes to spare at this busy time of the year to answer just ten questions, please take our survey. The results will help us review the tournament and make improvements for 2013.

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