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As of Thursday the 12 January, Basketball WA (BWA) received notice that all remaining elected members of the Mandurah Basketball Association (MBA) Board and the appointed Secretary have resigned their positions.

BWA, in consultation with the Department of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety (DMIRS) are working closely together to deliver an Annual General Meeting (AGM) in alignment with the MBA Constitution.

The advice from DMIRS indicated that the only course available to achieve this outcome was for the remaining Appointed Director to fill 4 casual vacancies of the Board until the AGM is conducted (under clause 14.6 (d) (i)). This board will fulfil the administrative functions required under the Constitution to complete an AGM on Monday 27th February 2023. We are addressing key issues as a priority to support the staff in continuing to support our members to play basketball in the Peel region.

All appointed Director positions of the Mandurah Basketball Association will be open at the AGM and a call for nominations will follow. In consultation with DMIRS, it is important that all members can nominate for Board positions, and we provide members the opportunity to vote on the way forward for the Association.

To allow us all to work together towards a positive outcome we encourage all MBA members and the broader Basketball community to support this process and please adhere to the Basketball Australia member protection policy. Every individual in our Basketball community deserves to be treated fairly and equitably and that is, free from all forms of harassment.

Basketball WA strongly encourages all our community to remember to be respectful. Reported abusive, threatening and harassing comments may be investigated and could lead to disciplinary measures.

Basketball WA staff will work with DMIRS and MBA staff to ensure this process is undertaken appropriately and the Association continues to service its membership in the meantime.



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