Behaviour Management Framework Trial

We are excited to announce the launch of our Behaviour Management Framework (BMF) trial, which aims to create a more positive and respectful basketball environment. This trial will lay the foundation for the 2024 WABL season, and we invite all members of our basketball family to participate.

For Players

What to Expect: As a player, you’ll play a crucial role in upholding our values of sportsmanship and respect. Familiarise yourself with the BMF guidelines to ensure you’re part of a positive and supportive team culture.

Benefits: A respectful and inclusive environment enhances your playing experience and personal development.

For Team Officials

Your Role: Coaches, managers, and referees play a pivotal role in shaping behaviour. Lead by example and enforce the BMF guidelines within your roles.

Support: BWA will provide resources and training to help you navigate challenging situations.

Commitment: Clubs are vital in ensuring a consistent BMF implementation. We encourage you to adopt these guidelines within your club culture.

Collaboration: Let’s work together to create a positive basketball community.

Notification: We’re reaching out to all associations to inform them of the trial’s importance in fostering better behaviour and begin to take steps for the 2024 WABL season.

WABL 2024: This trial is a stepping stone to a more respectful and enjoyable WABL season in 2024.

For Parents

Support: Encourage your child to embrace the BMF values on and off the court.

Role Modelling: Be a role model by demonstrating respectful behaviour towards all involved.

For Spectators

Expectations: Spectators play a significant role in the atmosphere. Cheer positively and respect officials, players, and opposing fans.

Enjoyment: A respectful environment ensures an enjoyable experience for all.

We are committed to making basketball a sport where everyone feels welcome and respected. Your participation in this trial is essential to achieving that goal. Thank you for your dedication to the game and our community.

Let’s work together to make basketball better for everyone.

Basketball Western Australia

Tony Amoroso
Association Development Manager