Environment Points (E-Points) System Explained

We are excited to introduce the Environment Points (E-Points) system, a vital initiative aimed at fostering a positive and respectful game day environment within our community. Here’s a concise overview of how this system works:


E-Points Overview

Objective: The E-Points system emphasises that game day behaviour is as important as match outcomes. It encourages teams to exhibit positive conduct, ultimately contributing to a more enjoyable basketball experience.

Integration: E-Points are integrated into the premiership table, alongside win/loss outcomes, showcasing their significance in the overall standings.


How E-Points are Awarded

Referee Reporting: Referees play a crucial role in assessing the game day environment. They include observations and comments in their reports.

Administrator Decision: The final decision on E-Point allocation rests with a designated administrator who reviews referee reports and considers all relevant factors before making a determination.

Limited Role of Junior Officials: While junior officials cannot allocate E-Points, they can provide input through Likert scale comments on the report sheet, aiding comprehensive evaluation.


Point Scale for Actions

Technical Foul on Coach: -1 Point (e.g., abusive language towards players or refs)

Disqualifying Foul: -1 Point

Player Reported: -1 Point

Poor Spectator Behaviour: -1 Point (e.g., swearing at referees or players)

Breach of Code of Conduct: -1 Point (related to inappropriate game day behaviour)


Why E-Points Matter

Balancing Act: E-Points emphasise the importance of fostering a positive game day environment alongside winning games. Even in a match loss, a team can earn 4 points by cultivating a positive atmosphere.

Influence on Finals: Teams that consistently foster a positive environment have earned opportunities in finals, showcasing the impact of game day conduct.

By incorporating the E-Points system, we aim to create a basketball community that values sportsmanship and respect as much as victory. We encourage everyone to contribute to this positive change, ensuring a great experience for all.

Let’s make every game day a win for our community!