Environment Points (E-Points) System Explained

We are excited to introduce the Environment Points (E-Points) system, a vital initiative aimed at fostering a positive and respectful game day environment within our community. Here’s a concise overview of how this system works:


E-Points Overview

Objective: The E-Points system emphasises that game day behaviour is as important as match outcomes. It encourages teams to exhibit positive conduct, ultimately contributing to a more enjoyable basketball experience.

Integration: E-Points are integrated into the premiership table, alongside win/loss outcomes, showcasing their significance in the overall standings.


How E-Points are Awarded

Referee Reporting: Referees play a crucial role in assessing the game day environment. They include observations and comments in their reports.

Administrator Decision: The final decision on E-Point allocation rests with a designated administrator who reviews referee reports and considers all relevant factors before making a determination.

Limited Role of Junior Officials: While junior officials cannot allocate E-Points, they can provide input through Likert scale comments on the report sheet, aiding comprehensive evaluation.


Point Scale for Actions

Technical Foul on Coach: -1 Point (e.g., abusive language towards players or refs)

Disqualifying Foul: -1 Point

Player Reported: -1 Point

Poor Spectator Behaviour: -1 Point (e.g., swearing at referees or players)

Breach of Code of Conduct: -1 Point (related to inappropriate game day behaviour)


Why E-Points Matter

Balancing Act: E-Points emphasise the importance of fostering a positive game day environment alongside winning games. Even in a match loss, a team can earn 4 points by cultivating a positive atmosphere.

Influence on Finals: Teams that consistently foster a positive environment have earned opportunities in finals, showcasing the impact of game day conduct.

By incorporating the E-Points system, we aim to create a basketball community that values sportsmanship and respect as much as victory. We encourage everyone to contribute to this positive change, ensuring a great experience for all.

Let’s make every game day a win for our community!


Frequently Asked Questions

Is there an appeals Process?

No there will be no appeals process. The administrator will review the report and if it meets the threshold for an E-Point to be deducted.

Is there a spectator verification process? 

No there is not. This is due to the lack of resourcing to have an additional staff member managing a spectator verification/identification process. However, Associations currently have methods in managing extreme poor spectator behaviour and if there was a situation where a spectator was exhibiting extreme poor behaviour there are already processes in place to manage those situations.

What if you have a passionate club supporter who doesn’t even have a kid in the team will referees give a warning to spectators?

If the passionate club supporter is not exhibiting poor behaviour and is encouraging their club in a positive manor then there should not be an issue. If there is decent within the remarks, then it will be at the referee’s discretion.

Can the referees approach the coach to discuss a spectator’s behaviour and attempt to stop the behaviour while the game is happening?

This will be at the Referees discretion. Referees currently can action this. For junior referees, they have the ability to make the referee coach present aware of the issues and the referee coach is able to make the venue operator aware of the poorly behaved spectator.

Is a coach responsible for the spectator’s behaviour while coaching?

No, the coach is not responsible for spectators’ behaviour. It is the responsibility of each individual adult to manage their own behaviour and set an example for the next generation of athletes.

What is the time frame that a report must be submitted from a referee/court controller.

The referees to fill out the incident report with the support of the Court Controller immediately after each game. The court controller is then responsible for lodging the breach through the JotForm which will go to the Competitions Manager at BWA.

will there be any reporting back to Clubs each week regarding the deduction of e-points for their teams?

No, it will just be reflected on PlayHQ.