Card System

Basketball WA’s Behaviour Management Framework includes a card system that identifies escalating levels of unacceptable behaviour and outlines the threshold for disciplinary action. The Card system is designed to promote fair play and sportsmanship and ensure that basketball is played and viewed in a safe and enjoyable environment.

The following is an example outline of the threshold for disciplinary action for the Red Card system. Each card that is raised via Basketball WAs online Complaints Submission Form will be handled in line with the Complaints Management policy:

  • Yellow Card: This is a warning card that indicates spectator has engaged in behaviour that is not in line with the Code of Conduct. If an aforementioned person receives a yellow card, they will be required to adjust their behaviour and may face further disciplinary action if the behaviour continues.


  • Red Card: This is the most serious card and indicates that a coaches, team managers, and/or spectator has engaged in behaviour that is dangerous or violent or has ignored previous warnings. This may include physical violence, abusive language, or other serious offenses. If an aforementioned person receives a red card, they will be immediately escorted from the venue and may face further disciplinary action, such as a ban from future games or legal action. The team will receive a technical foul upon ejection.


It’s important to note that the threshold for disciplinary action may vary depending on the specific circumstances of each case, and Basketball WA reserves the right to modify or adjust the Card system as necessary to ensure the safety and fair play of all participants.

What actions may result in disciplinary action dependant on what the stage of the Red Card system.

Yellow Card:

A spectator engaging in minor unsportsmanlike behaviour, such as taunting, trash-talking and disrespectful behaviour. A team showing disrespect towards referees, coaches, or other players or not adhering to other By-Laws.

Red Card:

Any act of violence, such as punching, kicking, or striking by coach, team manager, staff, and/or spectator.

Extreme or repeated unsportsmanlike behaviour, such as spitting or racially motivated slurs.

Use of threatening language or gestures towards coach, team manager, staff, player, referee, other officials, and/or spectator by any other behaviour deemed to be a serious violation of Basketball WA policies and By-Laws.

A red card will also be issued if unsportsmanlike behaviour continues after receiving a yellow card.

Penalties may be imposed in response to each card

Yellow Card:

Verbal warning from Basketball WA or Affiliated Association.

Red Card:

Further disciplinary action may be taken in terms of suspension from further participation of basketball and potential expulsion from Basketball WA sanctioned events. Serious misconduct or repeated misconduct will be sent to tribunal and sanctioned in line with the Basketball WA Tribunal Bylaws. The team will receive a technical foul upon ejection.