BWA Staff Restructure
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BWA Staff Restructure

BWA have been considering a few options with respect to operating more effectively and efficiently as an organisation by way of making some changes to the existing staff structure.

It is always a difficult time when staff changes are made due to restructuring and I do not underestimate the impact that certain decisions have on the people affected. It has certainly not been easy to make the decision to restructure given the redundancy of one of the positions results in their no longer being a position for one of BWA’s existing employees.

Attached is a new structure that has today been discussed with staff and will be taking effect from Monday 29 November 2010.

By way of explanation:

  • We have reviewed our operations on a functional/task level to determine what we are currently delivering against our strategic plan priorities.
  • We have identified through feedback from BWA Executive members, Associations and SBL Club Presidents and Staff, areas where we need to improve our administration and delivery of services.
  • The changes to be implemented are intended to address these deficiencies.
  • In essence, the Operations Manager position has not delivered the expected outcome of attending to the majority of the “operational” aspects of BWA whilst also managing the SBL. Feedback was that the SBL administration needed to improve in a number of areas. The Operations Manager position becomes redundant.
  • A new position is created in the Competitions Manager. This position will look after the SBL and WABL. Support will be provided from a data entry/admin perspective from the Competitions Administrator and Reception/Admin Support. (Interviews for the position of Competitions Administrator are being conducted on Monday 29 November).
  • The Competitions/State Team Administrator position becomes redundant. In effect, this position has been handling SBL (back of house) and WABL administration and has not had the time to also dedicate the appropriate time to State Teams. There has also been some confusion with respect to the roles and responsibilities of the Operations Manager and the Competitions/State Teams Administrator. A position dedicated to the SBL and WABL (Competitions Manager) it is hoped will alleviate this confusion.
  • A new position is created in the Development Administrator. In effect, this position replaces the full time development officer position that was vacated by Brett Kranz-Little. The rationale here is that the program has become more focused on strategies that facilitate engagement of school children at Associations through carnivals rather than BWA conducting PE sessions at schools. Whilst we will still need one full time Development Officer, the emphasis has shifted to requiring more of an administrative skill set with any additional “field work” required being filled from a pool of casual DO’s. The area of State Team administration has also been severely under resourced and this has shown in our lack of appropriate processes and procedures in this area. The Senior Development Officer position becomes redundant.
  • The position of Stadium Manager becomes redundant. Under the current model of tenancy, there is no requirement or work for this position.
  • People AffectedThree existing staff members are affected: CJ Jackson, Christian Rice and Mike Bussell.

    Based on a functional analysis of what is required in the new structure, the following has occurred:

    CJ Jackson will be leaving BWA on Friday 26 November 2010. I would like to thank CJ for the tremendous work ethic and dedication he committed to the Operations Managers role over the past two and a bit years. CJ has been a valued member of staff and has contributed a great deal during his time with BWA. We wish CJ all the very best for the future.

    Mike Bussell will no longer undertake the Stadium Manager role. Mike has made a significant contribution to basketball whilst employed as the Perry Lakes Stadium Manager. (Mike continues to make a significant contribution as well). I would like to thank Mike for the huge amount of work, dedication and effort he has put into the role which was well and truly above any reasonable expectations of the position.

    The new Competitions Manager’s position will be undertaken by Christian Rice from Monday 29 November.

If you would like to discuss any of the above with me, please telephone me.

We look forward to improving on the service we provide to you all and as always, welcome feedback at all times.

Kind Regards

Rick Smith
Chief Executive Officer

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