Everyone’s Game Carnival
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Everyone’s Game Carnival

The second Carnival for 2018 was held at Bendat Basketball Centre on Sunday 29 July 2018.

And what a fun day it was!!!

About 70 players and their families met for 3 and a half hours and played some entertaining basketball amongst their peers.

There were 11 teams in total and they were as follows:-

  • Redbacks – 2 teams
  • Rocky Roads A
  • Rockingham Community Basketball Group
  • Special Olympics Shooting Stars
  • Special Olympics Hot Shots
  • WA ISports
  • Wildcat Warriors – 2 teams
  • West Rise Blue
  • West Rise Red

During the day, Coaches were asked to consider players for the awards and those successful players were:-

  1. All Stars:- Jordie from Redbacks, Jake Parotte Special Olympics Shooting Stars, Craig Janse Van Vuvren WA ISports, Connor O’Neill West Rise Red, Corbyn Major Wildcat Warriors,
  2. Most Consistent Player Boomerang Division – Corbyn Major Wildcat Warriors
  3. Most Consistent Player Pearl Division – Anna Eirey Special Olympics Hot Shots
  4. Top Play Maker Boomerang Division – Natasha Garroway Rocky Roads A
  5. Top Play Maker Pearl Division – Ryan Wildcat Warriors
  6. Best Defensive Player Boomerang Division – Shukran Bassford West Rise Blue
  7. Best Defensive Player Pearl Division – Rhys Redbacks
  8. Best Team Member Boomerang Division – Aidan Knight Rockingham Community Basketball
  9. Best Team Member Pearl Division – Taylor Davies WA ISports

Congratulations to you all!!!!

The All Star team played a “Coaches” selection and came out winners by 2 points!!

Basketball WA extends our thanks to parents and caregivers for taking the time to bring your children to our Centre.

Your support is certainly much appreciated!!

Our next Everyone’s Game Carnival will take place on Sunday 11 November 2018 from 1pm to 5pm.

Nominations for that day will open in October 2018.

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